Wear my soul for a day
Tell me how it feels
To wake up every day
To another loved one killed

Because I love, unabashed
And I am unafraid
And I don’t believe in qualifiers
Or getting lives appraised

And I don’t believe that love
Could ever be a sin
Just because you disagree
Doesn’t mean you somehow win

What is winning after all?
Is it the smell of death?
The rebellious lovers begging
For their lives with their last breaths?

Is there really any question
Why we’ve chosen to rebel?
When you would banish those with whom
You disagree to hell?

So to hell I’ll lead the charge
And I’ll lead it with a prayer
For the ones who pushed us to the edge
Then punished is for being there

Because I must believe in love
Regardless of the circumstance
And that means I must believe
Even you might have a chance

To simply say you’re sorry
Or admit that you were wrong
Or keep sitting on your pedestals
Singing bastard songs

Born of the unholy union
Of blissful ignorance
And that bullshit you call love
That is blind to fellow man

But my church is the people
And our hymns are the screams
Of the people begging to be loved
The lives you call obscene

So let’s keep acting like your culture
Is so holy to abide
By sanctions that are far too old
To currently apply

It isn’t that your faith’s not valid
But at some point you must admit
That we were called to live and love
Not live and treat like shit

So I’m afraid the church has failed us
And much to my frustration
The holy hypocrites still preach
The blessed damnation

What god gave you the right
To sit upon His throne?
And did He give you clearance
To sit there casting stones?


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