“Nevermore,” quoth the Raven
And from that deathly beak
Came the sounds of all our failures
And our own tormented screams

“Nevermore,” quoth the Raven
And I have seen it in his eyes
He’s amassed a vast fortune
Of the souls that he despised

“Nevermore,” quoth the Raven
“Shall you revel in this life
“I will see your dreams shattered
“I will watch your dying light.”

“Nevermore,” quoth the Raven
As the war horses draw near
And his shadow passes over
As the cheering turns to fear

“Nevermore,” quoth the Raven
And in response to his call
Intolerance and fear
Make us build a fucking wall

“Nevermore,” quoth the Raven
As all we’ve made is turned to dust
And among unholy dissonance
We forget who we should trust

“Nevermore,” quoth the Raven
Hear the songs we once adored?
Remember when we celebrated?
Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”


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